Success Comes From People, Not Products

Some of the best markers of a company’s success have nothing to do with the products and services you offer. They have everything to do with how you treat people.

Every society thrives on strong relationships—friendships, competition, protection, hierarchy, etc. Businesses are just small societies that thrive when there are strong relationships between workers, and struggle when there are not.

What do successful, strong relationships look like? They look like:

  • Fighting for your team to get raises
  • Going out of your way to high-five someone
  • Putting your phone away when someone talks to you to give them your full attention
  • Asking: What can I do to help you?
  • Accepting blame when you could push it off
  • Challenging others in friendly competition

A thriving business looks like caring for each other.

Companies who think “What can I do to make sure the person next to me, above me, and below me succeed?” inevitably see more progress and better financial returns than those who think in terms of dollars and cents.

So if you want your business to succeed, take care of your people. Pay them well, sure, but treat them better—no matter their position or yours.

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