Want to Play with the Big Dogs? Don’t

Small companies have a tendency to want to copy larger, more successful companies. They’re great, and they’re doing XYZ, so we should do XYZ, too! It’s one of the worst marketing and strategy decisions you can make.

It’s not a bad idea, per se. Whatever they’re doing obviously works. But you can’t compete.

If you have a team of 15 and a million bucks while they have a team of 200 and $100 million, you cannot play the same game and win. It’s much better to pick a different game where you can succeed.

  • If they’re pitching low cost, show up in person to provide the best support possible. Do things that “don’t scale.”
  • If they’re dumping money into paid ads, you pour into your customers for referrals.
  • If they’re touting the fastest, flashiest product, you show the world how reliable you are.

There are dozens of ways to grow a company, and dozens of pitches to capture customers’ attention. If your competitors are owning one or a few of those, pick another option.

You’ll be able to differentiate your company. 

You won’t win every opportunity, but you’ll grow much faster because customers will see you as a unique you that offers unique value instead of as an off-brand version of them.

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