Defining Your Purpose

Everyone wants to go through life with purpose. You want something to work for, something to live for, something that guides every decision and action you take. Just thinking about in now, having an all-consuming drive to complete a singular mission feels exhilarating!

But how do you find your purpose? Do you create it, or does it find you?

I think it’s a bit of both. I’ve spent the better part of the past 6 months trying to figure this out for me. I’ve talked to many people much wiser than me about it, including family, business leaders, even Senators—people, in other words, who you’d expect to know a thing or two.

It seems purpose is 2 things: it is defining, and it is flexible.

You choose your purpose based on the framework, worldview, and experiences you already have. Look around—what fits for you?

Your purpose is your way of saying “These are the people I’m going to help based on my background and my abilities.”

Your purpose is innately unique, because it’s specific to you. And it has to be flexible. Defining your purpose, and allowing it to define you, is not permanent. Your opinions and abilities will change, and so should your purpose.

But you need a defined purpose to give your life focus! You can align every decision you make with your purpose so that you’re continually headed in the same direction.

So how do you define your purpose, and enable it to propel your life forward?

Truthfully, I don’t know, but here’s the shot I’m taking: Define a specific group of people who want to help, and what you want to help them do. That’s your purpose.


  • I help new entrepreneurs take their ideas to market.
  • I help people without a voice find a place to belong.
  • I help disabled veterans find fulfilling jobs.
  • I help my family experience all of life’s opportunities.
  • I help struggling businesses find traction.
  • I help authors turn their ideas into published books.

So if you want a defined purpose that powers everything you do—which is what we all want—answer one question: Who do you help?

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