Be Like the Leaf

Weekend drives with my wife are wonderful. We spend plenty of time together throughout the week, but that time’s often spent in an overstimulated fog.

Even though we both enjoy our jobs (thank heavens), we usually come home mentally exhausted, trying to recoup enough to go back on the offensive the next morning. So we do everything we can to protect our weekends.

To make sure we get the sleep, quiet time, exercise, and other forms of rest needed to enjoy life (and show up on Monday morning able to contribute our best).

Weekend drives without any specific destination in mind are one way we rest. The car wanders around roads like your mind follows seemingly random thought after seemingly random thought. Do either for an hour or two, and you’ll feel refreshed.

This past weekend, Abigail and I went for one of those drives. It had rained through the night, and, despite the weatherman’s predictions, was now a beautifully cool and sunny day.

A few minutes in, I noticed a leaf sticking to the middle of the windshield. Props to that leaf for fighting 45+ mph winds!

In high school science classes, I was always fascinated by the bound a few drops of water could create between two objects. It’s just water, put sprinkle some between two pieces of glass and good luck prying them apart!

But this small demonstration of science was not the most interested thing to happen.

As soon as I said “wow, that’s a determined little leaf,” my wife quipped, “you should be like that leaf.”

There are always moments when your friends, family members, children, mentors, or other contacts stop you dead in your tracks and make you proud to be part of their lives. This was one of those moments for me.

How right she was!

should be life that leaf. And so should you.

The leaf is supposed to be powerless to wind. But it was determined. It took control, it persevered, and it succeeded. It didn’t give up just because something else was supposed to be more powerful.

Now you may say, “Kenneth, that’s silly. It’s just a bit of science.”

You’re not wrong. But opportunity and wisdom are all around us if we keep our eyes peeled. As J. K. Rowling’s character Mad Eye Moody famously and repeatedly growled, “Constant vigilence!

That’s how you’ll win at whatever you want to do or be – by staying determined despite obstacles, and continually looking for opportunity or insight.

So be like the leaf. take control of your life and goals and dreams, despite what “common knowledge” might tell you. Keep fighting, and don’t let a little breeze blow you away.

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