Hey folks! I’m Kenneth Burke, and I help people make sense of the world.

I’d always thought growing up that the people older, wealthier, or more popular than me knew something I didn’t. They had it figured out. I realized in my twenties that was a crock.

We’re all constantly struggling to figure it out, and I’m intrigued by how little we know.

It’s not that we’re dumb. You’re as capable as me, and we’re both as capable as the next person. I believe the root problem is we’re so caught up in our own whatever—and the leaders we’re looking to for answers are, toothat we rarely pause the treadmill of life long enough to understand the bigger picture.

My goal is to help you understand the bigger picture.

Will I? I don’t know. I’m just some tech marketer who loves his wife and a good book. But my hope is these Burke Bits will help you recalibrate your thoughts and actions, so you can make the most of the few resources we have that truly matter: time, health, relationships, and information.